Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Review: Netflix Just Struck Gold With This

chilling adventures of sabrina review

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Review: Netflix just produced a perfect coming of age series even with the supernatural”.

Netflix latest original series  from Riverdale’s executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is haunting, amazing and well crafted.

The series introduces us to our young protagonist, Sabrina Spellman whose 16th birthday is coming soon and it is definitely a big deal. She has a secret. She is half witch and half mortal.

Sabrina father was a witch (Warlord) while her mother was human and this plays a big part in the series. With both parent death, Sabrina lives with her two aunties; Hilda and Zelda. The two sisters could not be any more different. While Hilda is soft spoken, charming and funny aunt, Zelda is the strong headed, overprotective of the bunch. Ambrose, Sabrina cousin also lives with them. He is under house arrest by the Witches Council for attempting to blow up the Vatican.

The series also introduces us to some amazing characters. Harvey Kinkle (played by Ross Lynch) is Sabrina boyfriend who is sweet, handsome, funny and very lovable. As the show progresses, we see more of his family live, struggles at home and relationship with his family.

Sabrina two friends, Roz and Susie Putnam are also fleshed out and given some intriguing storylines as we enter more episodes.

The major plot of the show involves our titular character undergoing a spiritual baptism where she will sign her will and self to the Dark Lord and become a full fledged witch. While Sabrina is excited to be a witch, she has doubts about the baptism. If she partakes in the ritual, she will need to abandon her friends from the human world and also she will submit her freedom to the Devil.

Sabrina decides not to go through with the baptism so as to stay with her friends thereby remaining half witch/half mortal. This decision is not met with gladness by the council of witches and the Dark Lord.

Speaking of the Dark Lord (Devil), the show is not afraid to speak about him, so many mentions of him throughout the season. We also get to see the lifestyle and beliefs of the witches and what they will do for their lord the devil.

The dark lord is also not one to be trampled with. He is cunning, deceptive and will go to any means necessary in order to get want he want and what he wants is Sabrina. He enlist Ms. Wardwell/Madam Satan (the real Ms. Wardwell died early minutes into the premiere) to do his bidding and let’s say, Sabrina fell right into his trap in the end.

The supporting cast are not left behind particularly “The Weird Sisters” (Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas). These ladies are highlights anytime they feature in an episode. It also help that they are not a fan of Sabrina but don’t worry, we get see all four do some awesome stuff in a particular episode.

The show introduces us to the world of witchcraft and history of Greendale. Speaking of Greendale, we have to give kudos to the production team. The cinematography and styling was perfect and all the locations are break taking.

Chilling adventures of Sabrina is definitely inclined as a coming of age story where our heroes figure out who they are and try to forge their own paths. We get to see some group of character come together to stop bullying, see how individual struggle and the decisions they take. The biggest take away from the series is everyone has  a choice.

While some characters need to be fleshed out (Looking at you Nicholas), we can definitely say the series is a must watch.

Also, Salem the cat has a minimum amount of screen time in the series. While most of the fans the 90’s show will be disappointed he does not talk, we can say a shines in every scene.

“Netflix has truly struck gold with this and we are excited to see where the journey goes from here, especially that finale twist”.