5 Possible Reasons Why Luke Cage Series Was Cancelled

Why Luke Cage series was cancelled

While the streaming giant Netflix announced recently that Marvel’s Luke Cage will not return for a third season, there has been no official reason for the decision, but we have gathered together some of the things that could have led to this development.

1.Disney Streaming Service

Disney streaming service, the biggest priority of Disney during 2019, will be featuring a Loki and Scarlet Witch series, so it won’t be a bug if they are also planning on moving Luke Cage to the streaming service, since the idea for the limited series is to give spotlight to marvel character who will/might not get standalone movies in the big screen.

2.Hero For Hire

According to wiki, Heroes for Hire is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The team first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist #54 (December 1978). And we’ve all been seeing a kind of bromance between Iron Fist and Luke Cage in their previous meetups, noting that both shows have been cancelled, it could be that Marvel/Netflix is planning a team up show for the two characters.

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3.The Ratings Were Not Impressive

Luke Cage Season 1 RT 94%(68 votes) Meta critic 79%(30 reviews)
Luke Cage Season 2 RT 83%(53 votes)Meta critic 64%(13 reviews)

The table above shows the ratings for Luke Cage Season 1&2. We can deduce from the table the ratings have gone low, not terrible, but it has reduced, this also could have led to the decision of cancelling the show.


The pink slipping of Luke Cage was ultimately a combo of the age old Hollywood “creative differences” and the inability for the parties involved to reach a deal on how to move forward, according to sources. With a season perched on the conclusion of the June 22 launched Season 2 plotted out months and months ago, detailed drafts for the first half of the 10-episode projected third season were delivered to Marvel and Netflix this week.


Well what are your opinions? Let us hear in the comments. If you also have a reason, feel free to share in the comment section below!