Is Hawkeye’s Immaculate Accuracy A Superpower or Just A Masterful Skill?


Hawkeye’s immaculate accuracy has been discussed multiple times and the question of it being a superpower or masterful skill or talent is still not clear. Well,  here’s what we think. 

Definitely, I would say 100% yes, Hawkeye in the movies has superpowers. It doesn’t matter what the writers or script might say, the MCU have created a character who does things that could not possibly be done by even the most athletic, coordinated human being on the planet.

At one point Hawkeye insinuates that he shot a perfect game of golf. 18 holes in one.

Tiger Woods. The best known living golfer, and arguably the best ever. The best he has ever shot is a 61.

Tiger Woods

Rhein Gibson, he shot a 55 once, setting the world record for golf.

Rhein Gibson

Clint Barton, who presumably does not play or practice as much as the best golfers in the world (too busy fighting super villains and guarding hammers to work on his short game) shot an 18. Which is 1/3rd the best score ever recorded in a PGA tournament.

Clint Barton

Here is Hawkeye shooting 3 arrows at once with perfect accuracy.



The amount of perfection in body movement to pull off such a shot with countless hours of practice in a controlled environment would be staggering. Doing so on the fly, in a random environment filled with chaos, variable lighting and wind conditions, adrenaline, explosions, and battling gods and monsters would be far beyond a non-superhuman.

Here is Hawkeye casually leaping off a skyscraper, and executing another perfect shot.


Now maybe with hours and hours of practice attempting that exact same leap and shot in perfect conditions, an extremely athletic gymnast/archer could pull it off. Hawkeye, in unfamiliar terrain and conditions, amidst the high winds at the top of a skyscraper, executes on his first and only attempt with perfection.

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Hawkeye regularly exhibits acrobatic/gymnastics performance equal to or better than Olympic level athletes. While firing, he near instantly calculates for wind and distance, his own rapid movement and contorted body, the movement of his targets, the trajectory differences of arrows of varying weights and sizes…and never misses his shots. And he does this repeatedly while in highly variable conditions, surrounded by explosions, and while continuing to communicate with his teammates in a calm and organized manner.


Then he goes and shoots a golf game 3 times better than the best ever. While fathering 2 kids.

That is not humanly possible. No amount of practice or training could make it so. 20 hours a day since infancy would not even make it vaguely, remotely possible. The writers/director can say he is a normal human all they want. But the character they put on screen is obviously super human.

If you need another evidence of his super human ability, then remember the part where he shoots behind himself, without ever even looking, and bullseyes a flying target going maybe 70 mph.

I believe with this,  you agree with me that Hawkeye’s immaculate accuracy is a superpower and not a talent or masterful skill. Let us know what you think in the comments!