Felicity Smoak Rocks A New Look In Arrow Season 7 Photos

felicity smoak

Felicity Smoak will be sporting a new look when Arrow season 7 returns.

TVLine has released a batch of images for Arrow season 7 premiere episode titled “Inmate” and we get to see some characters.

The big attention lies on Felicity, as she is rocks a new look for protection after Oliver Queen outed himself as the Green Arrow and is behind bars.

Surveying the couple’s situation, showrunner Beth Schwartz told TVLine, “What I found most interesting about what they’re going through this season is that having your husband in prison is really challenging on its own. But the fact that your husband is the Green Arrow, and everyone knows your husband is the Green Arrow, is a second challenge that couple will have.”

Arrow season 7 returns Monday Oct 15 on the CW. The show will be adapting the supermax storyline.

Check out the official poster and comic-con trailer.

arrow season 7 photos

Felicity smoak

felicity smoak and oliver queen

felicity smoak