New Look At The Flash Suit And Preview Images For Arrowverse Shows

flash suit

We have our first official look at the Flash suit for the upcoming season plus preview image for other shows.

Variety has released a batch of images which contains a preview for the upcoming shows.

Among these shows includes images for Black Lightning season 2, Legends of Tomorrow season 4, Supergirl season 4 and The Flash.

The Flash image gives us a clear look at Barry Allen and his daughter Nora Allen together on the field each wearing their costume.

Check out the images and share your thoughts in the comment below.

The Flash Season 5


“This year we’re exploring the theme of ‘legacy,’ and it’s really sparked by the arrival of Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. After learning about the future and what’s happened to everyone, each character will explore what’s truly important… and what legacy they want to leave behind. … We [also] have a new version of Harrison Wells again this year. Harrison Sherloque Wells. He’s French, and like his name suggests, he’s a master detective who’s come to help them track down this season’s big bad. He also motivates Ralph Dibny to put his PI hat back on, so we get to see these two out in the field a lot and see who’s got the best detective chops.”

Black Lightning Season 2

“The Pierce family and the city of Freeland will have to deal with the consequences of the introduction of the drug Green Light and the discovery of Martin Proctor’s experiments. … In this new season there will be an introduction of a new character who will be Lynn’s co-worker, who will challenge Lynn in many new ways our other character’s haven’t to the point Lynn starts to question if she’s the woman she needs to be for her family.”

Legends of Tomorrow season 4


“Instead of chasing down historical anachronisms and returning them to their proper places in history, this season we are following through on the promise of the decapitated dragon we met in last season’s finale. … Obviously Constantine is going to mix things up when he joins the Legends on the Waverider. Ava is surprisingly cool about having Sara’s one-time lover on the ship. Rory reacts to Constantine the way he reacts to most new things, which is to say his first impulse is to light him on fire. Meanwhile, Nate is going to reconnect with his father [and] as such, Nate will spend a lot more time in 2018 — which will give him a chance to see the inner workings of the Time Bureau. Last season, Ava Sharpe and the Bureau served as foils to our Legends but this season they will be our allies. And we’re not done exploring the burgeoning relationship between Ray Palmer and [Nora]. They’ve got some impediments in the way of their romance, however. First and foremost: the fact that Constantine things that Ray’s feelings for Nora are going to doom the guileless boy scout. And when Constantine speaks of doomed love affairs, he knows what he’s talking about. Over the course of the season we’re going to uncover the tragic events that transpired in his life between last season and the new one.”

Supergirl season 4

“This season, we’re telling allegorical stories about real life issues that are incredibly topical and current. We want to explore how Supergirl can face the challenges that many of us are facing, so that she can inspire us to stand up against these types of injustices, too. Also, because Kara is a reporter, she’ll be reporting on many of the issues that our country is facing. We’ll be able to tackle issues of the press in this way and hopefully tell stories, which show how important a fair and free press is to democracy.”