Dave Bautista Isn’t Worried If He Gets Fired For Speaking Out Against Disney


Dave Bautista is not afraid of the mouse even if he gets fired.

It seems Bautista will not stop until either James Gunn is rehired or he is let go.

The actor has been vocal about the director leaving the project. James Gunn was fired late July after a series of controversial tweet surfaced online.

While the Guardians of the galaxy stars has released a statement in support of Gunn, Dave has been vocal about Disney’s decision.

“I’m aware that this could possibly cost me a job I care for very much, but at the same time it’s an integrity issue, it’s a loyalty issue,” he said, referring to Gunn. “So I’m not going to bite my tongue for anything, that’s just who I am as a person. I’ve tried to actually be very choosy about what I say and the way I say it. I don’t necessarily mean to be disrespectful but at the same time, I have to say what is on my mind and in my heart. I’ve just been honest.

Despite the role meaning a lot of him, he concluded by saying that if he does lose his job and other studios are reluctant to hire him, he can cope. “It is what it is if it costs me a job that’s just what happens. I always think as it like you can’t threaten a poor man with poverty. I grew up poor, I know what is like. I’m not afraid of losing money, It means nothing to me. I will wrestle in backyards in front of 10 people if I have to make a living. I’m not going to be flexible with my integrity.”

What are your thoughts on James Gunn issue? Should Disney fire Dave for his outspoken words?. Should they rehire James Gunn? Share your thoughts below.