Mr Nobody Is Reportedly The Villain For DC Universe Doom Patrol Series

mr nobody

Mr Nobody will be making his first live action debut when Doom Patrol premieres.

On the heel of casting Crazy Jane, That Hag Show reports that Eric Morden a.k.a Mr. Nobody will be the main villain for upcoming Doom Patrol series.

The character was first introduced as a non-powered criminal names Eric Morden before returning as a villain. He has the power to drain the sanity of of his victims also causing him to go insane too.

For the upcoming series, he will be introduced as a man “seeking vengeance on the person he holds responsible for the failed experiment that caused his condition which, in addition to his insanity, has left him stuck between two dimensions. While the villains absurd and twisted methodologies will put him into the path of the Doom Patrol, he’ll come to admire the group despite a loathing for superheroes.” 

An A-list actor his being eye for the role.