Iron First Season 2 Will Have Shorter Episode Count

iron fist season 2

Iron Fist season 2 looks like it will try to undo the negative impact of the first season.

One of the many complaints of the Marvel Netflix series has been the pacing of the respective shows.

Many of the episodes for each shows dragged stories out far too long which could be eliminated with a shorter episode count and more concise storytelling.

Well, it appears as if Netflix has learned from past mistakes with Iron Fist because the titles of each episode have been revealed and there’s only ten of them! The show’s Facebook page also confirmed that it will have a shorter run in a reply to a fan who pointed out there was only ten episodes rather than the normal thirteen.

Check out the episode title below and share your thoughts.

“The Fury of the Iron Fist” (Marvel Premiere #19)
“The City’s Not for Burning” (Iron Fist #3)
“This Deadly Secret” (Power Man and Iron Fist #99)
“Target: Iron Fist” (Iron Fist #13)
“Heart of the Dragon” (Marvel Premiere #16)
“The Dragon Dies at Dawn” (Iron Fist #9)
“Morning of the Mindstorm” (Iron Fist #25)
“Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance” (Marvel Premiere #17)
“War Without End” (Power Man and Iron Fist #83)
“A Duel of Iron” (Iron Fist #1)