SDCC Arrow Season 7 Trailer Promises An Epic Prison Fight

arrow season 7 trailer

Arrow season 7 trailer teases a great suffering for Oliver Queen in prison.

During the CW panel on Saturday, an arrow footage was released plus some interesting casting announcement.

The Longbow Hunters which were teased at the end of season 6 were announced to be the main antagonist of season 7. The group will feature Holly Elissa as Red Dart, Michael Jonsson as Kodiak, and Miranda Edwards as Silencer.

The trio are being described as a legendary group of assassins that will join forces with Ricardo Diaz in his quest to exact revenge against Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his team.

The comic-con trailer also contained lot of action and features Oliver Queen as he tries to navigate prison life while being stuck with the likes of Michael Jai White (Bronze Tiger), Cody Runnels (Derek Sampson), and Vinnie Jones (Brick Brickwell).

Check out Arrow season 7 trailer below and share your thoughts.

The show returns Monday October 15.