Top 5 Best Super Couples So Far In 2018 Comic Book Movies

Love is definitely in the air this year as we delve into the world of comic book movie romance. Check out our top 5 best super couples. 

One of the best things about being a superhero is finding the right person to share it with. This year superhero movies have featured some great romance and introduced us to handle of “super-couples“.

Here are the top 5 best superhero couples (super-couples) of the year. Spoilers are definitely in this post. Click here to go back

5. T’challa and Nakia (Black Panther)

T'challa and Nakia

The first couple on the list features the King himself T’challa (Black Panther) and his Ex-girlfriend¬†new girlfriend Nakia. Black Panther stomped box office earlier this year and we cannot forget the instant chemistry between the two main characters even though they already broke up before. Both T’challa and Nakia wants to protect the lives of people around them and before the end of the movie, they are able to balance their wants and desire.

4. Scarlet Witch and Vision (Avengers: Infinity War)

Scarlet witch and vision

Comic fans will not be surprised this couple made the list, neither should audience who watch Avengers: Infinity War. Scarlet Witch and Vision romance blossom throughout Infinity War. It was definitely hard to watch when Wanda had to kill the man she loved to prevent Thanos from getting the Mind stone.

3. Wade Wilson And Vanessa (Deadpool 2)

Kiss me like you miss me red! Wade Wilson and Vanessa relationship is definitely want one to vouch for. Wade got cancer but decided to take part in an experiment which damaged his face. The first Deadpool movie revolve around saving Vanessa from F.R.A.N.C.I.S and also trying to get get back his life. Deadpool 2 also gave us some beautiful scene of the couples and Wade struggled when his love died. If you were sad about the dead, well the credit scenes will make you happy.

2. Scott Lang and Hope Pym (Antman and The Wasp)

comic book movie-ant man

Spoilers for those who have watched Antman and The Wasp, Hope and Scott are officially a couple. Antman and The Wasp saw Hope mad at Scott for his reckless behavior but that could not stop sexual tension between the two characters. Even Hank noticed this numerous times. Well, they finally gave in and the rest is history

1. Starlord and Gamora (Avengers: Infinity War)

Fans of Guardians of The Galaxy have for Peter Quill (Starlord) and Gamora to have their first kiss since they met in the first movie. Well, thanks to the Russoes, we finally got it. Starlord also got to meet Thanos, adoptive father of Gamora. Isn’t that sweet? The couple’s retreat was interrupted ofcourse by Thanos quest for the Infinity Stones. While Gamora died, we cannot forget the journey it took this two to reach. They win the best super couple of the year! …¬†

Share your thoughts on your favorite super-couples of the year.