Shazam Trailer Confirmed By Cinematographer, Will Debut in Comic-Con

Shazam trailer
SHAZAM! (L-r) JACK DYLAN GRAZER as Freddy Freeman and ZACHARY LEVI as Shazam

The week just keeps getting better as the Shazam trailer will debut at San Diego Comic-Con.

We got our first official look at the suit yesterdayMaxime Alexandre, cinematographer for the movie has confirmed that the first trailer will indeed debut at Comic-Con next week.

“Look for the Shazam trailer to drop Saturday, July 21 at Comic-Con as well at the DC Films panel,” Alexandre wrote on his instagram. Although, he deleted the it afterwards.

The movie wrapped up filming early this year and will hit theater April 5, 2019. James Wan’s Aquaman will also debut its first trailer.

Are you ready for SDCC, what are thoughts on the costume and casting? Comment below.