Full Look At The Predators Armor In Shane Black Predator Reboot

New Images showcasing for Shane Black’s Predator Reboot has been revealed and it looks amazing.

Via Empire, we get our first hires look at the armor the predator will be sporting and also some explanation from the director.

Apparently, it all boils down to the debut of a Super Predator the original will seemingly end up doing battle with at some point in the movie. “The challenge became to make it frightening. ‘Cause upon that hinged everything — whether you bought our heroes going up against him and felt a real threat for them. We had to invent a scenario in which the Predators were mysterious and scary again.”


More details from The Predator Reboot should be revealed in the coming days when the latest issue of Empire Magazine goes on sale. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on these images down below.