EDITORIAL: More Competition Further Proves That Aquaman Release Date Needs To Change

Aquaman and Orm

Aquaman release date should definitely change as more competitions arises.

A new day and another movie joins the already crowded month of December. This time, it is Robert Zemeckis’ Welcome to Marwen starring Steve Carell and it will be taking December 21st slot. For those not familiar with that particular day, It is the release dates for movies like James Cameron’s ALITA, Transformer’s spin-off movie BUMBLEBEEHOLMES & WATSON and James Wan’s DCEU movie AQUAMAN.

Warner Bros should definitely be worried as these movies will surely affect the box-office income of their only DC entry for this year and could lower their profit. Films like Bumblebee already have a large fan-base due to the Transformer’s franchise. Also, the teaser was met with positive reviews from everyone.

They will also have to worry about Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns which is expected to premiere 4 days later that is December 25th. Although, Aquaman will premiere a week early in United Kingdom, it definitely has a very fierce competition when it releases in the US.

Aquaman release date

My opinion will be for Warner Bros to announce a new release date when they debut the first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con next month considering that viewers and moviegoers are not happy with their previous movies with the like of Justice League. Also, Solo: A Star Wars Story is a testament to this as it flopped in box-office due to having a close release date with other big movies like Deadpool 2, Avengers: Infinity War and more.

Do you also think they should move Aquaman release date? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.