Incredible 2 Review: Family Is All That Matters

Incredible 2 review: 14 years of wait, and it delivers one of the funniest, action-packed Pixar movie ever made. While it has some few problems, it puts a smile on your face throughout.

Incredibles 2 brings together the group of heroes we saw in Brad Bird 2004 hit movie Incredibles and while it took to long to bring the sequel to big screen again, it was definitely worth the wait. Dare i say it, Incredibles 2 is as good as the original.

The movie immediately picks up from where the original left off 14- years ago with the Underminer attacking the city. It is up to the Parr family to suit up and take him down. Well, not quite as Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Helen (Elasti-Girl) decides that the kids (Dash and Violet) needs to baby sit Jack Jack (the small little baby). Furious, Violet takes off her mask and is discover wearing her superhero suit by her crush (who definitely freaks out).

incredibles 2 review

The fight with the Underminer does not go to well as he escapes with so much cash he stole from the bank, he even causes some major destruction and not even Frozone (he finally found his suit) and the Incredible family could stop the damages done to the city. They are arrested, taken custody (Frozone flees) and cautioned not to ever suit up again. They are able to get help from an old friend who Bob tells to fix Violet problem.

While all this act of heroics was being done, a alerted a rich businessman,  Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn Deavor who seeks out the Parr family trying to recruit them for superhero activities and possibly bringing back Superheroes to the world again.

incredibles 2

Elastigirl is chosen to lead the operation (she has less collateral damage) and Mr. Incredible volunteers to look after the kids. Elastigirl is successful in changing the minds and perspective of many people after she saves a train which was hijacked by a new nemesis Screenslaver.

Things are not going exactly well for Bob as a stay home dad as he has to deal with Dash Math home-work, Violet (some of her boy crush memory was wiped out by Bob old friend when he intervene for the family, so he cannot remember Violet) and the craziest of all Jack-Jack. This sequence is definitely the highlight of the movie as we get to see Jack Jack superpowers when he gets into a fight with a Raccon.(not kidding!)

Tired Bob and Jack-Jack

Elastigirl success continues as she saves the Mayor. She tacks down the Screenslaver when it is discovered that he was the one who orchestrated the attack. After an ensuring fight he is presumably captured.

Bob is definitely not having a great time because he has not slept for the past few days. He decides to turn to Edna Mode for help who after witnessing Jack-Jack powers gladly take him away from Mr. Incredible. He goes home and definitely goes to sleep happily.

Elastigirl is having doubts if the person in custody is the real Screenslaver. She is hypnotize and we get a reveal that Evelyn Deavor is the real villain. She is not happy that Superheroes will be coming back since her parents died due to negligence in trusting heroes to save the day. Mr. Incredible is also tricked and hypnotize, Frozone also with many of other heroes.

It will be up to the kids to save their parents and stop Evelyn Deavor’s plan. The family saves the day and thwart Screenslaver plan. Heroes are now accepted in the city and the movie ends it the incredibles preparing to also save the day again.

The Incredible family

While the villain motivation sucks especially compared to the awesomeness of the first villain, Incredibles 2 is funny, full of heart, great action sequences, great animation and a must watch for people of all ages.