All Jack Jack Power Featured In Incredibles 2

Jack Jack was definitely the standout and got the most laughs in Incredible 2 movie.

If you were wondering how many powers Jack-Jack has in incredibles 2, we got you covered.

Disclaimer: This post will contain spoilers for Incredibles 2 movie, if you have not seen it, you can check out the review or go back.


After the end of the movie, Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) noted that Jack-Jack has about 17 different powers and we are going to break them down.

Demon transformation

jack jack turns into a monster

Jack-Jack can turn himself into a purple-looking creature. We first saw this during the first movie. This monster is very viscous and has sharp teeth.


jack jack turns to fire


He has the ability to burst into flames. Any thing he touches  catches fire. He is also unharmed. Better be careful!

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Laser eyes

jack jack laser eyes

Green laser beams shoot from Jack-Jack’s eyes. We see this several times during the movie. The lasers can be steady beams, or he can shoot them pulse-style.


Mr. Incredible youngest son can make multiple copies of himself. This happens at least three times in the film: once during a fight with a raccoon, once in Edna Mode’s home and once during the finale on the boat

Super Growth

During the 3rd act of the movie, we see him grow super big. He is also very strong at this state.


When Jack Jack meets Edna, he transforms his facial features to look like hers. He even replicates her hair which made the woman very excited to see what more he could do.


When he was with Edna, he flew up and while coming down, he floated.


During his fight with the Raccoon, he demonstrated the power of telekinesis by lifting the cover of the waste bin. He also used it again when he takes Elastigirl’s goggles off without touching them.

Electricity emission

Mr. Incredible can testify about this.

Walking through surfaces

He was able to go outside and pass through a glass to get to his destination.


During the fight with the raccoon, Jack-Jack turns himself into a shapeless gelatinous blob that’s tough for the animal to fight.

Turning to metal

While, this power was not shown in the sequel, Jack Jack is known to become metallic as since in the end of the first movie.


Yes! When Jack Jack was walking with Bob (Mr. Incredible) and Edna, he was able to mimic how she walks and her hand movement even though he is barely 18 months old.

Sneeze-induced flight

At least twice, the force of Jack-Jack’s sneeze propels him into the air like a rocket. Luckily he usually uses his ability to walk through walls before hitting the ceiling.


Despite wrestling for several minutes with a raccoon who has razor-sharp claws, Jack-Jack doesn’t sustain so much as a scratch. Bob even mentions this in the movie.

Going through dimensions

He can travel through multiple dimensions as seen in the movie. He can also come back when you call him especially for cookies.

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Super strength

He could definitely give Mr. Incredible a run for his money as he was able to fight a raccoon, throw a car part at it also.

What other powers did you notice in the movie. Comment below now.