DCEU PR Brand Is Working But Who Is Responsible?

Fans of DCEU must really be happy this past week as Wonder Woman began filming and we got a tease of what to come from the Aquaman movie.

The DCEU has had its ups and downs over the past few years with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice not meeting expectation, Justice League failing big in the box office, Director’s cut controversy, Losing top officials, Directors leaving and many more. All these really put a dent in the brand’s name causing many people to be skeptical about watching any DCEU movie going forward but it seems they have found their mojo if we are to grade them this past few months.


Starting with many directors like James Wan (Aquaman) and David Sanberg (Shazam) shutting down rumors in the best possible way, it has really reduced much click-bait about their movie and stop the spread of this so called “rumors”. While there are still news coming out here and there, you would have to wonder what it would be if these directors did not take it upon themselves to shut down this so called news and facts.

The most recent of this control of narrative will be the releasing of Wonder Woman 1984 (Wonder Woman 2 official title) images of Steve Trevor and Diana Prince to the general public while filming just started. This has really helped to build a great amount of hype for the movie. Questions and theories are being thrown around due to the fact that we got an official look instead of some so called camera capture. We also got a  reveal by Zachary Levi donning the Shazam costume with a shake on his hand. This was well received with many memes circulating the internet.

With the latest batch of Aquaman images and character description, fans are very eager to check DCEU lastest entry. Gone are the days of dour colors, the future is bright and perfect with more emphasis on good vibrant costumes and color as revealed by the Wonder Woman 2 official costume image.

<p>James Wan directs Heard and Momoa inside a galleon as they encounter Aquaman&#8217;s mentor Vulko (Willem&nbsp;Dafoe).</p>

While everything might not be perfect with the whole controversy on Batman and how many movies are in development, the future is really bright as many movies are coming together like The Flash, Green Latern Corps and more.


The big question right now is who is riding this ship right….our best guess is Walter HamadaThe DCEU fanbase see what you are doing.

Aquaman will be the only movie this year and will swim in theaters December 21. Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984 will debut 2019.