Another Image Featuring Chris Pine And Gal Gadot On Wonder Woman 1984 Set

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 just began principal production and many images are floating on the internet.

Patty Jenkins released a new image of Chris Pine on the Wonder Woman 2 set today and also confirmed the title of the sequel “Wonder Woman 1984”.


Now a new unofficial image has surfaced online and it features Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman/Diana Prince) in civilian clothing and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor). It will be surprising how they explain Steve’s return.

Are you excited for the Wonder Woman 1984. The movie is expected to hit theater November 2019 as star Gal Gaot as Diana Prince, Kristen Wig as Cheetah. Narcos star Pedro Pascal is expected to also appear. Chis Pine is set to return aslo