Villains Square Off In New Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer 2

The Bushmaster is coming to take over Halem and the hero will have to form an unlikely alliance with another villain to save his city in all new Luke Cage Season 2 trailer.

Netflix has debuted a new trailer for the second season of Luke Cage. While the last one showcased hero vs villain aspect of the show, this trailer is something different as it takes a U-turn and focuses on the villain side particularly Black Mariah.


From the trailer, it seems Bushmaster (Season villain) will try to take out Black Mariah on who gets control of Halem. Luke will have to make an unlikely alliance so as to save the city.

 luke cage season 2

CosWithout me, God help Halem” she says.

Check the new trailer below and let us know what you think of it:

Luke Cage Season 2 debuts exclusively on Netflix June 22