Aquaman Trailer Coming Very Soon, James Wan Teases

Aquaman Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman

All aboard the hype train as we patiently wait for the Aquaman Trailer

Well, it looks like all the December blockbusters will be advertising their product as James Wan confirms via twitter that the Aquaman trailer is coming, possibly very soon.

Aquaman Trailer

Following the trailer debut of most of Aquaman rivals for the December box office like Bumblebee, Mortal Engines and more yesterday, fans have been wondering when WB would release their only comicbook movie trailer. Well, wait no long as James Wan gives an answer to the most asked question on twitter.

When a fan asked when we would get to see the trailer, the director enthusiastically replied.

While the reply may not indicate the particular date and time, our money is riding towards Warner Bros panel at San Diego Comic-con in July.

How excited are you about the Aquaman trailer, leave your comments below now.

Aquaman is directed by James Wan and it stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, Amber Heard as Mera.