A Hero Is Born In New Trailer For Bumblebee Movie

Paramount Studios has debuted the first teaser trailer for the transformers spin off Bumblebee movie and it looks it amazingly awesome.

It seems the studio is definitely taking a different direction and approach to the spin off movie and are going back to the basic with more emotional core and enough action to back it up which the Michael Bay Transformers franchise failed to do which led to a box-office box when the last installment Transformers: The Last Knight came out.

From the trailer we get to the female lead played by Hailee Steinfeld as the bonds with the robot that cannot talk. Also there are lot of subtle humor in the teaser and some teases of action.

From the teaser trailer, it seems the bumblebee movie might resonate with fans and could bring back the transformers franchise back to the former glory days. The movie comes 3 days after DCEU Aquaman premieres in the USA

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts:

Also Paramount released an official poster for the movie.

Bumblebee movie
Bumblebee movie poster