‘Justice League’ Might End Up Beating ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Well that’s not surprising . Two Flop for each company, Justice League and SOLO.

Justice League is outperforming Solo: A Star Wars Story through the film’s first weeks at the domestic box office — but that may not last.

If you track their daily box office, Justice League has come out ahead of Solo for every day in its first week except for Monday (a holiday in the U.S. for Solo, with a surge in ticket sales that day). After six days, Justice League had made $122 million at the domestic box office, versus Solo’s $115 million.Solo struggled in its opening weekend, perhaps in part due to proximity to the releases of mega-blockbusters Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2
Well Solo has room for improvement over Justice League‘s during its second weekend where it earned a little over $41 million, a 56% decline from its opening. Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s weekend projections are in the neighborhood of $60 million, which would give it a leg up.

Of course, Solo was originally projected to open at around $50 million more than it actually made last weekend, so Disney is likely not counting that cash just yet.
They are also unlikely to be consoled by any comparisons, positive or not, to Justice League, which is widely seen as an embarrassing failure for Warner Bros.

                                         Source: comicbook

So Justice League made 657.9 million USD at global box office with a budget of 300 million USD, we will see if SOLO can at least make up to that when it finishes.