Luke Cage Season 2 Official Trailer Released With Poster

Luke Cage is Back…..

Nextflix officially released a brand new trailer for Luke Cage season 2 and it look really good.

While many of the Nextflix Marvel series has been a hit or miss, fans will no doubt say the first half of Luke Cage season 1 was amazing. It seems the producers saw the complaints from fans and have worked hard enough to make season 2 interesting.

From the trailer, it seems Luke will be the hero Halem needs until he meets his own match . The villainous Bushmaster will be the main villain of the season and from what we see in the trailer, he is every bit scary and a great threat to The Hero For Hire. We also get a glimpse of Misty Knight in action.

Luke Cage season 2 returns to Nextflix with a 13-episode order on June 22.

Check out the brand new trailer below