Syfy Set Premiere Date for KRYPTON SERIES


Well it looks like March 2018 will welcome the Kryptonians back to TV as Syfy gives David Goyer’s Krypton as released date.

The series intended to focus on Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El and the House of El. A new synopsis and images was also released.

“It’s about the struggle of the House of El and how it redeems its honor,” “Very early on in our story though no fault of Seg’s own, he goes from the very top of Kryptonian society, this great House of El, and ends up growing up at the very bottom and having to struggle to survive….The story for Seg is how that symbol starts to mean what it means, and how he grows to fill it.”

Syfy has given the series a premiere date of March 21st, 2018.