ARROW REDDIT Forum Switches To PUNISHER in Response for the Show Direction

The official Arrow sub for reddit r/arrow following the conclusion of the 2-night crossover has pledged allegiance to Marvel’s newest entry The Punisher.

This comes to no surprise especially the lackluster way the show is going and the terrible writing with zero stakes this season as experienced.

The sub famous for their change to Daredevil during the second half of Arrow season 4 in which they express their disgust for the terrible writing of Felicity Smoak and her being the center of the show which was nicknamed “Felicity and Friends” were happy with the show’s direction during Arrow last season. The finale which ended with a cliffhanger resulted with no impact during the Season 6  premiere and might have brought the idea for this change.

The nail in the coffin arose from the conclusion of thefinale part of the crossover on Legends of Tomorrow which saw Felicity Smoak interrupt Barry and Iris (WestAllen) wedding and propose to Oliver Queen after refusing to marry him early in the episode. This brought a wide range of disgusts from fans alike and also the Arrow fans because the toxic relationship of Oliver x Felicity Olicity in full force and a disrespect to WestAllen ceremony.

All this problems are attributed to the Writing room and showrunner Marc Guggenheim.

How long do you think this will last? Arrow returns with their Mid-season finale Irreconcilable Differences. Check out the trailer below.