Reasons why Aquaman scenes were cut from Justice League


With Justice League now in theaters world-wide, fans might have noticed some of the scenes included in the trailers did not make the final cut.


Speaking to EW, Justice League new comer Jason Momoa revealed why some of the aquaman scenes were not included in the movie.

“The challenging part is [the Justice League story] is only about a weekend in Author Curry’s life. [Fans] might be like, ‘Why is he that grumpy? Why’s he hiding up there?’ We had it all planned out. A lot of things got cut. But it’s not my movie. It’s a huge movie introducing three new characters, and for myself and The Flash and Cyborg, there was a lot that was there we just couldn’t get in. It could have been two movies. We had some stuff with William Dafoe. The whole Atlantean part, about me being this reluctant king. There was no need for it because you’re going to see it in Aquaman. It’s not an Aquaman movie, it’s a Justice League movie.”

We shall see more of aquaman stuff in his upcoming solo movie slated to be released 21, December 2018 directed by James Wan.

Justice League is now in theaters…what did you think about the movie?