Best Moments From Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Finale

With Legends of Tomorrow officially concluded their season 3 with one of the best and most ambiguous fight in the entire Arrowverse.

We take a look at the best moments in the finale.

RETURN TO THE OLD WEST: The Team returned to the old west in order to escape Mallus (or Malice, or Hallus, whatever) and we got to see the return of fan favorite Jonah Hex.

legends of tomorrow season 3 episode 18 recap old west beebo

RIP HUNTER SACRIFICE: Our beloved Captain Rip Hunter seeing that the initial plan fell through decided to give the legends a way of escape. He sabotage the waverider’s time drive which caused an explosion to affected Mallus.

RETURN OF JAX, HELEN OF TROY AND KUASA: Jonah Hax was not the only character to appear as in the finale as we saw the other half of Firestorm Jax (played by Franz Drameh) and Helen of Troy with Kuasa now the new vixen in the new timeline.

jax legends of tomorrow season 3 finale episode 18 recap

BATTLE BETWEEN TWO GODS (BEEBO VS MALLUS): Easily the best moment of the episode, the legend gathered to defeat Mallus by doing what Amaya ancestors did but Nate did a last minute thinking and behold, “the lord and savior Beebo” arise. It impressive VFX for the TV show, and some silly voltron jokes, Beebo the children’s toy saved the day and ended up defeating Mallus.

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GOODBYE, AMAYA: We knew it was coming but seeing Amaya leave to go back to her timeline was heartbreaking. She was a member of the team, part of the family and rightfully a legend. Amaya biding farewell was emotional and made the episode more unique.

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TRIP TO ARUBA AND JOHN CONSTANTINE RETURN: While Mick was the only one who went to Aruba last time, the legends after saving the day decided to see what was specially about the place. Having fun at the beach, they are greeted by none other than John Constantine who offloaded a Dragon head, telling them that “they let monsters out after Mallus defeat” . Constantine is set to become series regular in season 4

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What was your best moment of the finale?