Who Is Going To Die In Infinity War I?

Who is going to die

Who’s going to die in Infinity War I ?

This is a question that is yet to be answered and i guess we won’t get the answer until the movie is released. There’s a lot to be excited about in marvel’s Infinity war but also we have to be prepared for a few sad moments as well. i won’t really be saying who’s going to die but I will give some predictions on who is likely to and why i think so.

  1. Loki- Ok so this is my number 1. Loki, The Infinity War trailer shows a small clip of Loki handing over the Tesseract to  Thanos , but it’s possible he’s doing it under duress to save Thor. Loki’s “died” plenty of times already in MCU movies, but if he sacrificed himself now, for good, trying to stop Thanos, it would be the ultimate redemption arc.Loki 2018
  2. CAPTAIN AMERICA- Most of us know this is likely to happen  especially the comic book readers. Unlike most other heroes, Steve’s story has been told, i don’t see any better time than this to end the character. Although it would be sad to see him sacrifice himself for humanity but this is steve we are talking about, he has sacrificed himself more than once.                 And to add this to the fact that Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel is up, the odds are high that he wont make it.captain america 2018
  3. VISION-  Vision was never really alive. The character is too new and this is going to lead to little or no emotional impact. Although the avengers will lose a powerful team member and His death is likely to shake Tony Stark and Scarlett Witch.Not to forget Vision possesses the mind stone which Thanos seeks.


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